Beginners   Practice Guidelines  

Initiating practice (for beginners and those new to Mysore style Ashtanga)

New students are invited to come observe any class to learn more about how a mysore style ashtanga class works. If you would like to do this, please check the banner at the top of the homepage announcing closings, and/or email or call to be sure that the class you want to attend is not cancelled due to a moonday or holiday.


Each student is taught the ashtanga sequence individually. The learning process involves repeating what is taught until it becomes integrated with your own personal breathing pattern. Therefore, because a student must remember what is taught, and repeat it independently during the next practice session, postures are taught at a pace which is appropriate for each individual’s physical capability and capacity to remember the sequence. This process also allows for the teacher to learn about and assess each student’s individual needs. For this reason, it is important to attend class regularly (about 3 times a week), especially in the beginning, until one is confident and capable of home practice to supplement practice in class.


However, if you are not sure if you want to commit to a month of practice and you would like to actually experience it a little bit, you may either drop in once as a new student for $10, or sign up for a week. After that, in order to make sure you are able to learn well, and we are able to learn about your needs, you must register for a month at a time.



New students should come at the start of the session to get the best instruction.

Mysore style Ashtanga is very well suited to complete beginners to yoga because you will be taught individually, and at your own pace of learning. Although you will see others in the room who already know what they are doing, you do NOT need to know the sequence to attend class. In fact, it’s much better to learn it completely from scratch so that we can be sure that you are practicing to your fullest potential.


Practice guidelines

-It is best to practice when your food has been well digested. Therefore, it’s best not to eat 2-4 hours before you practice, depending upon the size of the meal.

-Hydrate yourself well before and after practice, but not during. The practice is designed to build internal heat, and if you drink during practice, it’s counterproductive.

-Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally practiced 6 days a week, resting on one day a week in addition to the new and full moon day. Please try to practice at least three times a week in order to progress.

-Women traditionally take the heaviest days of their cycle as rest days as well. This is because the practice is designed to block downward flow, which is counterproductive during menstruation.